“With the love of our family we can rise above anything…” Marillion


In the wake of the San Bernardino tragedy we find hope, love and light. As many of you know we have been fundraising for our new School/Teacher Conference in Laos. Thanks to our favorite band Marillion we were able to have a charity raffle at Marillion Weekend in Montreal this year.

[Larry] Daniel Kaufman lost his life helping others escape the brutality that fateful morning in San Bernardino; in an act of selflessness, he gave of himself so others may live.
Daniel is a part of that extraordinarily beautiful Marillion family who gives to others all over the globe; he will continue to be part of a cause much bigger than humanity.

Bound by a shared vision for a greater world together Project Enlighten and the Laos Village of Navangthai are honored to announce we are naming that school “14 Lights, the Daniel Kaufman School,” to honor the light and spirits of those lost that day.

Knowing the care he had for so many, we know Daniel would have likely quoted Marillion in the aftermath of this tragedy, please join us in challenging others to think differently of the world:

“…Or you could love.”-Marillion


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  1. Diane F. Fisli (aka Catalina the Pirate) Reply
    After all the sad tears, it is incredible to weep tears of gladness. This is an amazingly beautiful honor, and I hope the children educated at the "14 Lights, the Daniel Kaufman School" will make this world a better place by engendering LOVE and PEACE everywhere.
    • Olivia Rahman Reply
      Without a doubt, we love the extended family we have - Daniel will always be a part of that as well as every person who was ever blessed to have connected with him. Here is to a lifetime of friendship and the gift of education that will live on forever. Diane, thank you...and welcome all of Daniel's friends and family...the beauty of Marillion has connected and will continue to connect us all.

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