Scholarship Program

Less than $2000 funds a Four (4) year University Degree for students in the Siem Reap, Cambodia community. There are many deserving women and men who are need of your support. In exchange for their scholarship, they engage in Service Learning and Volunteerism within their community- sharing their gift of education with others. Investing in education helps these young people avoid falling prey to physical and sexual violence, empowers them to give back to their communities and rise from the depths of poverty. We provide opportunities for young women who are often educationally left behind within their culture, we understand that by investing in women, people with physical and mental disabilities and equally deserving young men, we can provide social change and move towards equality on a global scale.

Help fund our Scholarship Program
As we promised in 2006, we are now able to provide scholarships to the youth at the Cambodia Landmine Museum and School! Help support their University dreams by donating to our organization. Youth, like Khemra, from the community of Siem Reap, Cambodia, have already benefited from Project Enlighten Scholarships and you can help many students achieve great success. Your donation pays for:


  • Tuition (uniforms and basic study materials included in fee)
  • Educational Materials/supplies as needed
  • Vocational/Trade Supplies
  • Bicycle (only if needed)
  • Education/Career Guidance
  • Access to a shared computer
  • Additional benefits based on individual needs


Our scholarship program is for underprivileged youth who show a strong desire to address the greatest issues confronting their people and their country. Through unpaid volunteerism, students gain invaluable work experience in the field of their choice. Scholarship recipients are held to high standards; monitoring of attendance, academic performance and overall progress is observed. Students are given guidance to help them work toward their career goals and to keep focused.
Students are selected based on financial need, academics, their application, essay submission and their potential to positively contribute to society. They earn their scholarships by volunteering at least 5 hours per week in their community or through Project Enlighten as an educator or mentor. To maintain their scholarship, students must have 80% attendance in all classes and keep an overall GPA of 3.0 or “B” for each term.

Scholarship Recipient Khemra Excels in engineering and architecture!

Khemra put her education to work and designed a beautiful home for her family. She is one of many scholarship recipients you all have helped achieve big dreams!
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Education Coordinator, Jill Morse
Jill Morse received her Bachelor of Arts degree and a teaching credential from University of California, Irvine. She has been a teacher in Palm Springs, California since 1997. Prior to that she spent 20 years in the banking industry working for Great Western Savings, Waltham Savings Bank and Bank of America. She first became interested in Cambodia in 2003 when she and her husband traveled to Siem Reap to meet a young Khmer man who was clearing landmines for free and had adopted over a dozen children who were victims of the wars that had ravaged Cambodia for nearly 3 decades. She helped establish the Landmine Relief Fund, an American 501c3 to help support the children and the de-mining work. She became involved with Project Enlighten at its outset and has been involved in educational programs in Cambodia for over 6 years. She and her husband moved to Siem Reap in October of 2009. Her husband is the International Project Manager for a Khmer de-mining NGO, Cambodian Self Help De-mining. Jill manages the volunteer programs at the Cambodia Landmine Museum and Relief Center and teaches English in its school.