Phouva & Audra’s Wedding Wishing Well

From Project Enlighten Team Member Audra Garcia:

Dear Family & Friends,

Phouva and I are very blessed to share life’s journey together and the same dreams and aspirations.  We share many visions to make this world a better place. The greatest gifts we can receive are your continued friendships and support. If you wish to honor us with a gift, one that will help those with greater needs than ourselves, we would be humbled by your kind donation to our ongoing Laos Education Programs project via our Wishing Well that we have set up here on this page.

The Laos Education Programs are designed to improve the quality of life in Navangtai Village and surrounding villages throughout multiple provinces in Laos by providing children with greater educational opportunities and stimulating sustainable economic opportunities for local villagers. Our hope is to increase school enrollment and literacy rates within these populations.

Our first project, The Ban Navangtai New School Project, was completed in early 2013 after a few years of hard and rewarding work, and the continued support by our Project Enlighten board members, supporters, and donors alike. The objective of this project was to build a new Kindergarten school to replace the preexisting foundation at the Primary School in Ban Navangtai village. The new school was handed over to local school officials in April of 2013 with a celebration of its grand opening. This school is currently serving as a model for all future projects. Additional benefits these school projects will serve include continued education for generations to come, common meeting place for villagers, and an organized location for health and dental visits for the school children and the rest of the village population. It is our goal to expand these projects into the current province and other provinces within Laos to be able to provide similar hopes and dreams for other children and villagers who can also benefit from these programs.

Phouva was able to make a trip back in March and April of this year to Ban Navangtai village to discuss the initial plans of building a staff conference room where the teachers and school administrators can meet to discuss school activities, assignments, and projects throughout the entire school year. Currently there is a staff of about 35 teachers and school staff members that meet in an older, dilapidated building that has been needing an expansion and several upgrades to be able to accommodate the entire staff.  This will be our newest project of focus and we are extremely excited to be expanding our efforts to Ban Navangtai’s Secondary School.


for teachers

The photo shown on this page is the older building used for meeting space which we will be replacing upon completion of this project.  For more information on our Laos Education Programs and to view additional photos of the Kindergarten classroom that was completed last year, please visit:

Our goal for the initial phase of construction of the conference meeting room project is $5,000.00. We would graciously accept a donation of any size. Every dollar counts. We can make a difference together!

Thank you for sending your good wishes and donations to our Wishing Well and making 2014 a year to remember as Phouva and I embark on this wonderful journey together! Cheers!

*Laos Education Programs is an individual project managed and funded via Project Enlighten, a registered 501(c)(3), Non Government, Non Profit Organization, in the United States of America. Project Enlighten offers educational opportunities while helping preserve cultural, religious, and historic values of the people we serve. Laos Education Programs is directed by Phouva Vorapanya and assisted in directing by Audra Garcia*


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