Ken Perry’s Grand to Grand Ultra Fundraiser!

This is a unique event and this is how Ken likes it! The first and only self supported stage foot race in North America.

However its uniqueness does not stop there. It is the first stage race to start from the awe inspiring north rim of the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and finish on the summit of the Grand Staircase, one of the world’s most iconic geological formations. This course will take Ken through a desert landscape of sand dunes, red rock canyons, buttes, mesas and hoodoos. Ken will have to navigate compelling slot canyons and cross a tributary of the Virgin River. Ken will be experienceing  the remotest part of continental America in the way of the earliest settlers, Navajo and Paiute Indian tribes. This is where Montezuma’s gold is still reputed to be buried. 

Kenneth Perry is an Air Tactical Officer and chief instructor/check airman for the Aerial Supervision Module program with the U.S.D.I. Bureau of Land Management. Previously he was a Hotshot and Smokejumper, spending 29 years fighting fire all over the United States and Canada. A lifelong runner, Ken started running long distance events after recovering from multiple back surgeries; he discovered that endurance events were his passion.

Ken has pushed his personal limits in ultra races in Sahara, Gobi and Atacama.

Kenneth and Project Enlighten (PE) have teamed up to work together to raise funds for PE. Kenneth is graciously using his passion to create opportunities for the children we serve. 

Ordinary People Doing Extra-Ordinary Things!

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Co-Founder and Secretary of Project Enlighten
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  1. Kenneth C. Perry Reply
    I am looking forward to doing what I can for you guys and this great charity!

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