We have many people who contribute to raising awareness and funds for our charitable organization.

This page is dedicated to all good people of the world who chose to stand by us, fight for basic human rights, promote equality and educate people across the globe.

Thank YOU!

  • Grand to Grand Ultra Marathon Fundraiser

    Kenneth Perry DID IT! What an amazing journey, we are so very proud of you!It is not too late to give!

    Photos were borrowed from Facebook pages of which Project Enlighten team members and fundraiser Kenneth Perry were tagged in.

  • Quincy Briscoe’s Fundraising Rides

    What an amazing journey Quincy Briscoe has taken to help Project Enlighten raise awareness and funds! Not enough thanks can be poured out to Quincy as he has done two cycling fundraisers for our organization, “Quincy Rides Across America,” and “Tundra to Tijuana!” He is a selfless young man making a positive difference through personal sacrifice and compassion! Thank you to all the supporters who believed and donated, we cannot do it without you! Please enjoy a glimpse of Quincy’s two rides for Project Enlighten:

    Photos were borrowed from Christopher & Quincy Briscoe’s Facebook pages