Emergency Action

Program Coordinator:  To Be Determined
Location:  As Needed

Project Enlighten is committed to helping others who are faced with adversity – in critical times of emergencies we act with the help of our supporters.

In the spirit of providing humanitarian support to countries worldwide, Project Enlighten demonstrated its ability to act on human based needs following the wake of Cyclone Nargis’ devastation in Burma. Project Enlighten partnered with resources in South East Asia, and with the help of our supporters, raised over $15,000 in emergency aid for Burma’s Cyclone survivors. Project Enlighten implemented a “Burma Cyclone Emergency Relief Immediate Action Plan” in the weeks following the disaster. “We were all compelled to do whatever we could for the victims of this natural disaster, living in a country where its people already struggle and suffer on a daily basis.” Burma (PDF)

We also pulled together funds to help distribute food, water and medicine to the Ban Navangtai Village after it suffered a devastating flood, and helped survivors of an apartment fire in a refugee community in Houston, Texas, get basic needs to survive in the aftermath of the fire.