Every organization has its own inspiring sequence of events leading to its inception; for our organization, it was a chance encounter Asad Rahman had with a young landmine survivor in the Southeast Asian country of Cambodia in 2003 that changed his life forever. And, in 2005, something truly extraordinary happened – they met again – 230 km away from where they first encountered one another – and Project Enlighten was born.


Originally formed in 2006 as the Landmine College Fund (LCF), we focused on offering University Scholarships and vocational training to landmine survivors living at Aki Ra’s Cambodian Landmine Museum in Siem Reap, Cambodia. To extend an even farther reach, in 2007, LCF was reorganized and blossomed into “Project Enlighten” (PE) – a non-profit organization facilitating educational opportunities in countries around the globe.


Project Enlighten programs focus on communities and individuals directly impacted by poverty and war; we feel the best way to address these challenges is to focus on education, supporting educational programs considerate of cultural differences.


Project Enlighten supports the facilitation of volunteerism and charitable giving to other non-profit organizations to provide humanitarian assistance worldwide in the areas of education, public health, public safety, economic assistance, environmental health, cultural, religious and social needs.


With the support of good people from all over the world, Project Enlighten continues to provide funding for a variety of educational and skills training programs while proudly continuing to provide educational opportunities to the youth at the Cambodian Landmine Museum.